Rapala catalog 2018

41TOOLS ANDACCESSORIESRapala offers a full range of tools and accessories from pliers to scales and landing nets and fillet knives. Some of them are true, trusted classics like the Fish ín Fillet knife Ò worlds most sold fillet knife that has served fishermen for over five decades Ò while others are on the leading edge of modern technology, innovation and design like the new Rapala Custom Design series. RapalaÌs proprietary designs have been created and manufactured to meet fishermenÌs needs worldwide, from ultralight fishing on lakes and streams to heavy-duty saltwater pursuits.The classic to modern designs reinforce our commitment to style and functional design. NEWfor2018R-GRIPPER高強度・軽量で錆びない繊維強化プラスチック(グラスファイバー含有率50%)を使用。ロングノーズを活かした形状で、しっかりと魚をホールド。歯の鋭い太刀魚や、アジ、メバルなどのライトソルトゲーム、毒棘のある魚を取り扱う際など、様々なフィッシングシーンで活躍します。Item DescriptionアールグリッパーJRGBKModel24cmLengthRAPALA CUSTOM DESIGN SERIESカスタムデザインシリーズ

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