Rapala catalog 2018

19NEWNEWNEWAYUHHSSMTTRPRFPRTBBHFTGSH“Balsa like you’ve never seen it before.”BX® MINNOWBalsa Wood Material+Plastic Material/FLOATING BX® MINNOWAYUBBHFTGSHBXM7BXM10HHPRFPRTSMTSTR飛行姿勢を安定させ、キャスト時のアキュラシー性能をアップ。バルサコアの浮力によるメリットである泳ぎだしの早さ、スローリトリーブ時での安定したスイムアクションはそのまま、複雑なカラーリングが可能となり、耐久性アップへとつなげることに成功した。ベイトフィッシュそのもののアクションを再現BXM7NEW0.6-1.2m7cm7gTwo No.6BX®SERIESCombining the unmatched responsiveness of balsa with rugged durability of plastic, the Balsa Xtreme series opened a new era in fishing lures.The patent pending BX® construction uses a tough, transparent plastic shellto encapsulate a balsa wood inner body. The perfectly balanced balsa corewith precision placed weights gives the lure a lively, super responsive actionthat can be achieved only with balsa.The tough copolymer outer shell allows ultimate toughness and life-likefinishes with 3D scales, lateral line and gill plates with a combination ofmetallic, translucent and painted finishes unlike anything seen on balsalures before. Truly the ultimate combination.

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