Rapala catalog 2017

RAPALASHADOWRAP®SERIESDying Minnow Action of the Shadow Rap® Series compliments Rapala’salready extensive offering of hard baits that have the legendary, originalWounded Minnow Action and the Escaping Minnow Action featured inthe Scatter Rap® series. These are the three stages when a baitfish is at itsmost vulnerable – and most interesting target for a predator.The Dying Minnow Action is simple: on a twitch the lure makes a final dartoff to the side and turns back to look at its adversary. Sinking and fioatingmodels perfectly mimic a dying minnow and a dying shad.Unlike other jerkbaits, the Shadow Rap® Series baits kick almost 180degrees when twitched and given slack line so it can be fished nearly inplace with very little forward travel. This keeps theflickering fade of thebait right in the strike zone for a long time.

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